365 Days of Psychic Wit and Wisdom

Day 3: Oracles were probably the closest forerunners to modern psychics.

Psychic Wit and Wisdom by Victoria lynn WestonThe oracle is most clearly illustrated in ancient Greece and Rome. In Greece, oracles were associated with the temples of various deities. The most important temple was at Delphi where the god, Apollo, was worshiped. The oracles at Delphi were young women who took the name Pyhthia.

Typically, the young women entered into trances or trance-like states and delivered messages from the gods, acting as intermediaries between a divine order and the concerns of their clients. Local priests or priestesses provided interpretation.

Not just anyone could consult an oracle. Money, position and power were important criteria in establishing a direct pipeline to the gods. Although oracles did not charge fees for their services, they expected gifts, such as jewels, clothing, property, food — items appropriate to the client’s position and status.

Oracles played an important role in Roman culture. The Romans passed a law in 150 B.C., which decreed that oracles must be consulted before adopting important laws or resolutions.

Before he become emperor, Vespasian consulted an oracle to determine the future course of his career. He was given a vision indicating that he would be elevated to emperor. 

The successes of Oracle predictions are mixed. As with modern psychics, there were misses as well as spectacular hits.

Source: Selecting Your Psychic, from Main Street to Wall Street

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