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AYRIAL Welcomes Creator of Feng Shui StoryBoard to its group

AYRIAL is pleased to Welcome Feng Shui Consultant, Teacher and Creator of Feng Shui Storybard, Katherine Metz


AYRIAL-FB-2(MediaQuire) Atlanta, GA – AYRIAL, a leading association of body, mind and spirit lifestyle consultants welcomes Katherine Metz; Feng Shui teacher, consultant and creator of Feng Shui Storyboard to its prestigious group. Katherine Metz has more than thirty years experience consulting and teaching Feng Shui principles.

In 2013, Katherine Metz created Feng Shui Storyboard.  Members from around the globe participate in the interactive membership site exploring the mystery of how a built environment profoundly affects the body, mind and spirit.

“We are excited to welcome Katherine Metz to AYRIAL,” said Victoria lynn Weston, Founder and President of AYRIAL.  “Katherine has combined her years of Feng Shui knowledge and experience into creating a brilliant concept; Feng Shui Storyboard.  Members are captivated by story after surprising story of the immediate relevance of Feng Shui in the modern world.”

Katherine Metz, Feng Shui StoryboardA Founding Director of the Feng Shui Guild, Katherine Metz was first introduced to the art of Feng Shui by Abraham Kawai’i, a Hawaiian Kahuna. She then began studying with His Holiness Professor Lin Yun, the Grand Master of Black Sect Tantric Buddhism in its Fourth Stage. Katherine also took it upon herself to learn the German field of Bau-Biologie, or “Building Biology,” the holistic study of the built environment and its impact on human and planetary health.

Katherine Metz has a degree in Medical Sociology from the University of Michigan and design experience from owning and running her interior landscape business; Blooming Success. Combining her degree with the Hawaiian and Chinese arts of healing and place, Katherine created The Art of Placement.  She has become a highly regarded practitioner, teacher, writer and lecturer, who has made a lasting mark in reaching out to the public. She serves as a mentor to a select group of affiliates from around the world and loves her new role as the “Floor Plan Detective” – telling extraordinary stories of healing and transformation.

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