Day 20 of Psychic Wit & Wisdom by Victoria lynn Weston

NostradamusThe most famous psychic in history, Michel de Nostreame, better known as Nostradamus, lived from 1503 to 1566.  This 16th-century prophet was both an astrologer and water gazer.  Man of his prophecies were gleaned from a bowl of water into which he peered in a semi-trance state.

Nostradamus committed his visions to paper four-line verses called quatrains and arranged in groups of 100 centuries.  Some 950 quatrains exist today.

Nostradamus had legitimate concerns regarding what the Church might do to a person of unusual prophetic abilities.  He, therefore, deliberately wrote the centuries in an obscure brand of Latinized French, made extensive use of anagrams and ambiguous terminology, and never gave exact dates regarding future events.

Nostradamus set himself up for criticism, explaining that his prophecies could not be understood until they were interpreted after the event. He was convinced that the events he “saw” would come true, but he appears not to have known exactly when.

Despite the difficulties in interpreting the quatrains, Nostradamus is credited with numerous accurate predictions.  These include the rise and fall of Napoleon, the accidental death of Henry II of France, the Great Fire of London, the successes of Louis Pasteur, the Russian revolution, the reign of General Franco, Nazi Germany under Adolph Hitler, the wireless radio, rockets, World War II, the violent deaths of the three Kennedy brothers, the outbreak of World War III – still to come – and the fall of California into the ocean as a result of a major earthquake.  He also appears to have predicted the opening of his own grave in 1700.  When the grave was opened in that year, a small plate was found on his chest that read simply “1700.”

While Edgar Cayce was not an oracle, it is appropriate to include some reference to America’s own “sleeping prophet.”  Cayce, who lived from 1877-1945, had little more than a grammar school education, but he achieved national status as a unique channel of wisdom.Famous Psychic Edgar Cayce

Cayce would slip into a mild trance after several seconds of deep breathing.  He would give readings for thousands of people who had written to him for advice.  Given only pictures, names and sometimes brief descriptions of their symptoms, he accurately diagnosed underlying psychological and physical causes of their ailments.

Cayce often prescribed remedies involving strange concoctions consisting of simple herbs.  Later research indicated that, in some cases, the active ingredients of his potions included common household substances, such as castor oil and herbs, but that they were effective in dealing with certain health problems. There is little doubt that hundreds of persons for whom doctors could offer no hope or cure were dramatically helped by Cayce’s readings and remedies.

Edgar Cayce also predicted future events while in a trance state.  Many of his predictions have been proven accurate, including the Wall Street Crash of 1929, World Wars I and II, and the invention of the laser.  Some of his predictions were ambiguous, such as the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  He also predicted that a portion of California would fall into the ocean in 1964, which of course, did not happen.

Many of Cayce’s predictions concern events still to come. AS an example, he predicted that, around the turn of the century, 2000 to 2001, the North and South Poles would shift.

Cayce’s many thousands of readings on numerous subjects were recorded and are available today for public inspection at the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach.

jeanne-dixonA more current psychic, who has provided us with some astounding predictions, is Jeanne Dixon, who uses a variety of methods, astrology among them.  Unlike Nostradamus’ predictions, most of Dixon’s are quite specific.  She is generally credited with an amazing degree of accuracy.

Among Dixon’s revelations were the assassinations of Martin Luther King and the two Kennedy brothers; the fire that took the lives of astronauts White, Grissom and Chaffee on Apollo 4; the launching of Sputnik I; Marilyn Monroe’s suicide; the partition of India and Watergate.  Jeanne Dixon also foresees a new world religious leader who will help lead us to peach at the turn of the century.

This concludes our all-too-brief survey of the history of the prophetic arts. We have barely scratched the surface. There are times and places in history where the prophetic arts have flourished. L The rise and fall of interest has a rhythm all its own.  There have been amazingly and specific predictions, although to date no psychic has proven to be 100-percent accurate on every prediction.  Just as there are attorneys who have lost court cases, and surgeons who have misdiagnosed illnesses, psychics have hits, and naturally some misses.


Source:  Selecting Your Psychic; A Brief History of the Prophetic Arts

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