AYRIAL  Welcomes Business Intuitive Consultant – Jan King

(Ayrial) – Atlanta GA –  AYRIAL President Victoria lynn Weston proudly welcomed intuitive business consultant, Jan King to their “body, mind & spirit” community.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jan King brings more than three decades of experience in corporate sales and is passionate about sharing her wealth of knowledge as a sales consultant and motivational speaker.  Jan King, Intuitive Consulting focuses on helping individuals including groups of salespeople to  boost their self-confidence, better understand clients, and enjoy career growth as excellent sales professionals.  Jan offers sales education and services for small team and individual training and motivation.  As a intuitive consultant, Jan shares 30 years of sales productivity tips and guidelines for success.

In addition, Jan consults with individuals about career potential and business owners looking for intuitive insight to understand their customers and to best grow their company.

“We are thrilled to have Jan King as an AYRIAL intuitive consultant.  She’s a caring, positive and passionate person with a unique perspective and niche market to help not only individuals, but those in the sales world how to tap into their own intuition to better connect with clients and raise their level of sales production,” says Victoria lynn Weston. “Everyone wants an edge in business to keep a step ahead of the competition – intuition is one way of doing this and Jan helps those who want to be more successful.”

Jan King consults with salespeople and individuals in establishing goals and making significant improvements in their life. An effective method to reach these goals is accessing your intuition and creativity using a positive, proactive thought process every day. It’s about learning to read your own mind.

When asked why she joined AYRIAL; “I want to be part of a professional community of ‘Business Intuitives’ where my special talents can be shared and highlighted,” states Jan King.

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