Have you noticed how social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have changed how people communicate around the globe?  Engaging press releases are an important tool to promote your company, products and services to target your audience and attract new business. Utilizing social media to distribute press releases have become a vital tool to successfully promoting your company. Find out how you can deliver press releases with a tailored message to engage customers, potential employees and your target audience  about your company.

Communicate with Your Audience with a Fresh Press Release

As a business owner, author, professional,  your  goal is to harness social media to deliver your message and to rank higher in search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Bing.  Here are some steps to help you unleash the power of a press release to promote your business:

  • Be bold – Announce your new product.  This is probably the most important use of a press release.  If you’re about to launch a new product, service, or book, it’s good planning to introduce this news weeks in advance of the actual release date.  The anticipation will help generate a buzz with your audience. A new product launch will likely pique the interest of traditional media outlets and journalists, too.
  • Be proud – Announce your new employee or executive. You’ve just hired a new executive, employee or social media expert – this is the perfect time to send out a fresh press release.  You’ll be surprised how your audience and potential investors will enjoy keeping up with your company’s expansion. 
  • Be confident – Promote your company’s brand. Today it’s easy  to deliver fresh press releases. You should think of your company having it’s own mini “media center” and distributing your press release to traditional media outlets, social media outlets including FlipBoard, Twitter, Pinterest.  Keep your content and message fresh.  And always include engaging images and multimedia.  Keep a routine and schedule monthly or bi-monthly press releases to share tips,  company events, promotion of employees.  Publishing a consistent schedule of press releases is an excellent way to grow your brand’s image.
  • Viral buzz. An online press release has the potential to go viral when you include engaging images, videos to create  buzz that was never possible with static press releases.
  • Portability and convenience. Your readers can instantly read your press release via email and social media – on their computers, iPad, or smartphones 24/7.
  • SEO (search engine optimization). By using specific keywords relating to your business and message, you can optimize your press release so people can easily access your company information through search engine use.

Press Releases Help Boost Your Search Engine Ranking

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) is key to boosting your internet search engine ranking.  Focus on key words and include them in your press release which makes it easier for customers and potential employees find you.
  • Images engage your reader and help boost internet rankings.  It’s easy to include photos, videos and multimedia content in your press release. This provides an engaging, interactive tool to drive customers to your products, services.  Static press releases are fine in some cases such as traditional media outlets.  However, editors and journalists  get bombarded with hundreds of press releases on a daily basis but delivering them an engaging multimedia release will keep their interest. The ideal way to convey your message is with a press release that includes images and other media.  Check out Gettyimages.com for editorial and stock images.
  • Media Room.  Including your own company media room to feature fresh news as well as archiving your old news will be easily searchable on your website and search engines.

MediaQuire can help you promote your company with engaging press releases.  We will help you write, edit, SEO encode and distribute  your press release to social media outlets and RSS feeds.  Publishing a fresh press release with images, SEO optimization is a cost effective way to help generate buzz about you and your company.   Including press releases as part of your monthly marketing, promoting and social media relations creates brand awareness, boosts internet rankings and engages potential customers.  You’re not longer at the mercy of traditional media outlets, journalists and editors.

Get started today!  Contact MediaQuire to help you deliver your press release to traditional & social media outlets.