MediaQuire Offers Starter Websites

Starter Websites are an easy low budget way to get your business online

(MediaQuire)  MediaQuire offers affordable SEO coded press release services and custom website services. Today MediaQuire is pleased to announce they are providing customers with Starter Websites.  Whether you’ve launched a new business or want a fresh look, MediaQuire can provide you with a custom Starter Website to fit your budget.

There are those occasions where you don’t need a full blown website and MediaQuire Starter Websites are perfect for that purpose.  And when you are ready to expand your website with more information, offers and services, you can easily do so without starting all over.

Websites are not just for businesses.  Today, many individuals are creating websites for personal use such as designing a family website to archive family photos and share family recipes.

Eight Benefits of Having a Website

  • Exposure for Your Business
  • Compliments Your Brick ‘n Mortar Store
  • An Excellent Marketing Tool
  • The Ability to Offer Online Products & Services
  • Communicate with Your Customers
  • Advertising is Expensive. Your Website is Your Best Advertising Tool
  • Your Website makes it Easy to Offer Discounts, Coupons, Promotional Offers
  • To Grow Your Business

MediaQuire Starter Websites’ Team can help you design your website, chose custom colors and fonts, add images and logos, etc. Presently, we offer two packages and the good news is, you’ll be up within 1 to 3 weeks.  For more information,

  • NEW PROMOTIONAL OFFER: Two page starter website starts at $250.  Here’s what you get: Main page, About and Contact.

  • Website designs start at $450. We fully customize for you, include your company logos, built-in blog, and anything else you want!

CONTACT us today and let’s discuss your website design and hosting needs.