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Professional psychic and intuitive consultant, Victoria lynn Weston consults with individuals and business owners from around the globe.

Meet a few Sponsors of the Victoria Woodhull iPad Project

New Sponsors include Beasley Real Estate, Lynmar Estate and Psychotherapist Joseph Eliezer (MediaQuire) Atlanta, GA / Today,  Victoria lynn Weston, President of Weston Media Group, [...]

Victoria Woodhull iPad Development

Victoria Woodhull iPad Development The Production of an Educational, Interactive Mobile App Based on the PBS Documentary “America’s Victoria: Remembering Victoria Woodhull” (MediaQuire) [...]

Weston Media Group taps Lorraine LoBianco as associate producer

Lorraine LoBianco will be Associate Producer for the production of curating the Woodhull documentary for iPad distribution  (MediaQuire) Atlanta, GA - Today Weston [...]

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